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Thanks for the Flicks: 1990s Graffiti Zines

Coming in 2023

Strikethrough: Typographic Messages of Protest

July 23, 2022 – Spring 2023

Letterform Archive’s second exhibition celebrates design that empowers communities and fights oppression. Curated by Silas Munro of the design studio Polymode with Stephen Coles of Letterform Archive, Strikethrough: Typographic Messages of Protest features more than 100 objects, including broadsheets, buttons, signs, t-shirts, posters, and ephemera spanning the 1800s to today. In sections exploring the many ways to voice dissent (VOTE!, RESIST!, LOVE!, TEACH!, and STRIKE!), the show charts a typographic chant of resistance across more than a century of protest graphics.

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Bauhaus Typography at 100

April 28, 2022 – June 11, 2022

The Bauhaus looms large as one of the most influential legacies in twentieth-century graphic design. Known for its bold sans serif typefaces, crisp asymmetrical grids, and clean use of negative space, the school seized upon advances in printing and mass production to create a radical new art. Today, just over one hundred years after its opening, the Bauhaus’s visual hallmarks have, for many, come to define modernity as it appears on the printed page.

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