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An Interview with Takenobu Igarashi


My interest in design began at 17 years old. I was attending a vocational design school two days a week in the evenings. Learning the basics of Bauhaus design, the works of two great designers, Max Bill and Herbert Bayer, were especially inspiring to me. The architecture was beautiful, as if geometry became the principle of molding and shaping and then transformed into two- and three-dimensional art.


The work of these two outstanding graphic designers found a wide world through the media, spanning the architecture and fine art fields. Their work is borderless, and they became great teachers to me. Though I never met them, I have learned many things from their books and their real work. They continue to have a strong influence on my work even now. 

1988年のアスペンデザイン会議の最終日の講演者に招かれたとき、このデザイン会議の創立者であるバイヤーに敬意を表したくなり、バイヤーの革新的な提案で有名な「universal type」をアクソノメトリック図法で立体として描きたくなりました。

When I was invited to speak on the last day of the 1988 International Design Conference Aspen, I wanted to show my respect to the founder of the conference, Herbert Bayer, and draw the innovative Universal Type as three-dimensional objects using axonometric projection.



As a three-dimensional alphabet, from a to z, I drew the 26 letters by hand using a ruling pen. My alphabet is based on a perfect circle, a perfect triangle, and a perfect square, so it may be slightly different than Bayer’s.

The picture book of the alphabet was distributed as a commemorative gift to the 1,500 people who attended my lecture.